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NEW Dr. Hamilton is featured on BT discussing the importance of flossing

Dr. Hamilton on CBC Velscope Report

Dr. Hamilton is featured on CTV and CBC news on the Velscope Oral Cancer Screening System

Dr. Hamilton on CTV Velscope Report Dr. Hamilton on CBC Velscope Report

Hi, I'm Doug Hamilton. Welcome to my website.

Dr. Hamilton I have practiced dentistry for over 25 years in Westmount, and it has been a real pleasure to serve you. One of my favorite things is to help people understand that the look of their smile, and the health of their mouth is a choice today. The old medical model asks patients to be passive and dependant on the doctor and to just follow the doctor's orders.

Here at Westmount Dental Care, we want to engage you in a process of dialogue and discovery, where you will be encouraged to abandon the cycle of patch and repair dentistry, eliminate and control the disease processes in your mouth, and get the smile you deserve.

We will not judge you or scold you, we accept patients as they are. It is important to me to treat you with respect and kindness. We try to make good health and beauty accessible with a humanistic approach and affordable with reasonable rates.

The choices you make, and the behaviors you change, determine your outcome. We have successfully coached our patients through this process for many years. It's as rewarding today as when I began. So I invite you to come by and say hello. We'd love to meet you!

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